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The Problem

Remember that the student-athletes have spoken: Mental health is their No. 1 concern - and it is our responsibility to provide the services and care to help each student-athlete reach his or her full potential.

Student-athlete mental health is an under-recognized health issue, and if managed improperly, leads to poor performance in sport and the classroom, and can potentially lead to life-threatening emergencies.

Brian Hainline, MD Chief Medical Officer NCAA


Only 1 of 10 student-athletes dealing with a mental health issue will seek professional help. This means that 90% of cases go untreated. (Healthy Bodies Study 2014)


collegiate student-athletes are suffering from depression right now and not seeking help (based on 460,000 student-athlete population)


of DI student-athletes reported "clinically relevant" symptoms of depression (Wolanin A, Hong E, Marks D, et al. Br J Sports Med 2016)


of athletes who sustained and injury reported mild-to-severe depression symptoms (Leddy MH, Lambert MJ, and Ogles BM, in Res. Q. Exerc. Sport)

Our Mission

We empower student-athletes to achieve and maintain optimal mental wellness so they can perform their best on the field, in the classroom, and in life.

This Is Our Life's Work

Our vision is a world in which no student-athlete's journey is disrupted due to insufficient access to effective mental health resources and support, or to societal stigma.

    You can help us build better tools to support student-athlete mental health by answering a few short questions.

    Our Game Plan


    The Balance Position app motivates student-athletes to develop mindfulness and coping skills, keep track of relevant behaviors, visualize trends in their progress, and connect with people in their support network in an engaging user experience.

    Program Development

    We work with all stakeholders to create custom programs merging best practices and the unique needs of your organization to provide a holistic mental health program for your student-athletes.


    Through speaking engagements, workshops and other appearances, we promote mental health awareness, education, and destigmatization by sharing our own stories of struggle and perseverance with mental illness.

    Stories Inspire Us

    Together we can defeat stigma. Sharing our stories is a great way to start.

    Every story adds strength to our cause. Add yours now.

    We Support the Entire Student-Athlete Network

    • Student-Athletes

      Be empowered to achieve positive mental health so you can be your best on the field and in the classroom, and prevent depression & anxiety from disrupting your life.

    • Parents & Family

      Have peace of mind knowing your sons & daughters have the right tools to remain mentally healthy while at school and stay connected from afar.

    • Teammates & Friends

      Connect with your peers on mental health topics in a safe and supportive environment and have the right tools to intervene in crisis situations.

    • Athletic Trainers & Team Doctors

      Monitor the mental health of your student-athletes in conjunction with their physical health and be alerted to changes that might relate to concussion or other injury.

    • Coaches & ADs

      Healthy minds increase the potential for peak student-athlete performance on the field, improved grades and graduation rates, fewer scholarship losses, and better overall program success.

    • School Administrators

      Reduce your risk of student-athlete hardship withdrawals, legal actions, insurance claims, PR events, and other negative impacts.

    • Physicians & Counselors

      Have more efficient, data-driven interactions with your student-athlete patients and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

    • Student-Athlete Advocacy Groups

      Support your progress towards the achievement of your primary mission, namely ensuring the safety of student-athletes.

    What others are saying


    We don't measure success primarily by the number of Balance Position student-athletes that go on to become professional athletes or business leaders. Success for us simply means you've been able to explore your full potential as a student and athlete while in great mental health and on your timetable so you can get on with your life's work, whatever that may be.